BRIGHTDARKCRFS     MATLAB code for analyses and figures in Cooper, Physiol Rep, 2016

E.A Cooper. A Normalied Contrast-encoding Model Exhibits Bright/dark Asymmetries Similar to Early Visual Neurons. Physiological Reports, 4(7), e12746, 2016 [link]

OLEDRGB2RADIANCE     MATLAB code for estimating image radiance on OLED, CRT, & LCD displays

E.A. Cooper, H. Jiang, V. Vildavski, J.E. Farrell, and A.M. Norcia. Assessment of OLED Displays for Vision Research. Journal of Vision, 13(12):16, 1-13, 2013 [pdf]

LUMINANCEDEPTH     Data and MATLAB code for analyses in Cooper & Norcia, JNeuro, 2014

E.A. Cooper and A.M. Norcia. Perceived Depth in Natural Images Reflects Encoding of Low-level Luminance Statistics. Journal of Neuroscience, 34(35), 11761-8, 2014 [link]

ONOFF     MATLAB code for predicting the ON and OFF pathway responses to visual input

E.A Cooper and A.M. Norcia. Predicting Cortical Dark/Bright Asymmetries from Natural Scene Statistics and Early Visual Transforms. PLOS Computational Biology, 11(5), e1004268, 2015 [link]