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Perceptual Reality Lab

Photo of Iona McLean

Iona McLean

Graduate Student

(Vision Science)

Photo of Loganne Mikkelsen

Loganne Mikkelsen

Graduate Student


Photo of Estie Sherbak

Estie Sherbak

Graduate Student


Photo of Emily Cooper
Photo of Ben Chin

Emily Cooper

Principal Investigator

Ben Chin

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jonathan Huang - Undergraduate Senior Thesis (Computer Science)

Tim Tadros - Undergraduate Senior Thesis (Computer Science)

Irene Feng - Undergraduate Senior Thesis (Computer Science)

Justin Gualtiere - Undergraduate Researcher (Computer Science)

Max Kinateder - Postdoctoral Researcher

Thomas Yerxa - Undergraduate Senior Thesis (Physics)

Zeynep Başgöze - Postdoctoral Researcher

Madi Sachs - Optometry T35 Student

Zander Ladd - Undergraduate Researcher (Data Science)

Lanya Cai - Postdoctoral Researcher

Zita Alamparambil - Optometry T35 Student

Steven Tan - Optometry Student Researcher

Jackie Ngyuen - Optometry Student Researcher (Honors Thesis)

Phoebe Lo - Optometry Student Researcher

Melody To - Optometry Student Researcher

Emma Alexander - Postdoctoral Researcher

Tyler Manning - Postdoctoral Researcher

Dylan Fox - Staff Research Associate

Ahmad Ahmadzada - Optometry Student Researcher

Minqi Wang - PhD Student (Vision Science)

Terrie Joo - Undergraduate Researcher (Cognitive Science)


Clara Wang

Graduate Student


Photo of Clara Wang

Muhammad Muhanna

Graduate Student