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In Press

A Model for the Appearance of Interocular Colorimetric Differences in Binocular XR Displays.

M. Wang, E.A. Cooper, L. Moro, B.A. Narasimhan and H. Chen

Society for Information Display International Digest of Technical Papers, in press


How Small Changes to One Eye's Retinal Image Can Transform the Perceived Shape of a Very Familiar Object.


I.R. McLean, I.M. Erkelens and E.A. Cooper

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 121(17):e2400086121, 2024

Transformations of Sensory Information in the Brain Suggest Changing Criteria for Optimality.


T.S. Manning, E. Alexander, B.G. Cumming, G.C. DeAngelis, X. Huang and E.A. Cooper

PLOS Computational Biology, 20(1):e1011783, 2024

A Paradigm for Characterizing Motion Misperception in People with Typical Vision and Low Vision.


B.M. Chin, M. Wang, L.T. Mikkelsen, C.T. Friedman, C.J. Ng, M.A. Chu and E.A. Cooper.

Optometry & Vision Science, 101(5), 252-262, 2024


The Effect of Interocular Contrast Differences on the Appearance of Augmented Reality Imagery.


M. Wang, J. Ding, D.M. Levi and E.A. Cooper

ACM Transactions on Applied Perception, 21(1):1, 2023

The Art of the Float.


E.A. Cooper, R. Casati, H. Farid and P. Cavanagh

Journal of Vision, 23(8):13, 2023

The Contribution of Image Minification to Discomfort Experienced in Wearable Optics.


I.R. McLean, I.M. Erkelens, E.F. Sherbak, L.T. Mikkelsen, R. Sharma and E.A. Cooper

Journal of Vision, 23(8):10, 2023

Spatiotemporal Visual Statistics of Aquatic Environments in the Natural Habitats of Zebrafish.


L.T. Cai, V.S. Krishna, T.C. Hladnik, N.C. Guilbeault, C. Vijayakumar, M. Arunachalam, S.A. Juntti, A.B. Arrenberg, T.R. Thiele and E.A. Cooper

Scientific Reports, 13:12028, 2023

The Perceptual Science of Augmented Reality. **Review Article**

E.A. Cooper

Annual Reviews in Vision Science, 9(1), 455-478, 2023

Low Vision Impairs Implicit Sensorimotor Adaptation in Response to Small Errors, but not Large Errors.


J.S. Tsay, S. Tan, M.A. Chu, R.B. Ivry and E.A Cooper

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 35(4), 736-748, 2023

Using Augmented Reality to Cue Obstacles for People with Low Vision.


D.R. Fox, A. Ahmadzada, C.T. Friedman, S. Azenkot, M. Chu, R. Manduchi and E.A Cooper

Optics Express, 31(4), 6827-6848, 2023

A General Framework for Inferring Bayesian Ideal Observer Models from Psychophysical Data.


T.S. Manning, B. Naecker, I.R. McLean, J. Pillow, B. Rokers and E.A. Cooper

eNeuro, 10(1): ENEURO.0144-22.2022 1-17, 2023


Optic Flow in the Natural Habitats of Zebrafish Supports Spatial Biases in Visual Self-Motion Estimation.


E. Alexander, L.T. Cai, S. Fuchs, T.C. Hladnik, Y. Zhang, V. Subramanian, N.C. Guilbeault, C. Vijayakumar, M. Arunachalam, S.A. Juntti, T.R. Thiele, A.B. Arrenberg and E.A. Cooper

Current Biology, 32, 1-14, 2022

Head Orientation Influences Saccade Directions During Free Viewing.

S. Reeves, E.A. Cooper, R. Rodriguez and J. Otero-Millan

eNeuro, 9(6): ENEURO.0273-22.2022 1–12, 2022

Longitudinal Trends in Case Histories and Rehabilitative Device Assessments at Low Vision Exams.

J.D. Nguyen, S. Tan, S. Azenkot, M.A. Chu and E.A. Cooper

Optometry & Vision Science, 99(11), 817-829, 2022

The Effect of Spatial Structure on Binocular Contrast Perception.


M. Wang, J. Ding, D.M. Levi and E.A. Cooper

Journal of Vision, 22(12):7, 2022

Perceptual Guidelines for Optimizing Field of View in Stereoscopic Augmented Reality Displays.


M. Wang and E.A. Cooper

ACM Transactions on Applied Perception, 19(4):19, 2022

Individual Differences in Frontoparietal Plasticity in Humans.


A.L. Boroshok, A.T. Park, P. Fotiadis, G.H. Velasquez, U.A. Tooley, K.R. Simon, J.C.P. Forde, L. Delgado Reyes, M.D. Tisdall, D.S. Bassett, E.A. Cooper and A.P. Mackey.

npj Science of Learning, 7:14, 2022

Perceptual Adaptation to Continuous Versus Intermittent Exposure to Spatial Distortions.


I.R. McLean, T.S. Manning and E.A. Cooper

Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 63(5):29, 2022


Assessing Effects of Reduced Vision on Spatial Orientation Ability Using Virtual Reality.


**Conference Paper**

M. Kinateder and E.A. Cooper

Conference Proceedings of Spatial Cognition, BJMC, 9(3), 243-259, 2021

A Re-Examination of Dichoptic Tone Mapping.


M. Wang and E.A. Cooper

ACM Transactions on Graphics, 40(2):13, 2021


A Perceptual Eyebox for Near-Eye Displays.


S.A. Cholewiak, Z. Başgöze, O. Cakmakci, D.M. Hoffman and E.A. Cooper

Optics Express, 28(25), 38008-38028, 2020

Efficient Sensory Coding of Multidimensional Stimuli.


T.E. Yerxa, E. Kee, M.R. DeWeese and E.A. Cooper

PLOS Computational Biology, 16(9):e1008146, 2020

Natural Image Statistics at Depth Edges Modulate Perceptual Stability.


Z. Başgöze, D.N. White, J. Burge and E.A. Cooper

Journal of Vision, 20(8):10, 2020

Navigational Aid Use by Individuals with Visual Impairments.

**Conference Paper**

Z. Başgöze, J. Gualtieri, M.T. Sachs and E.A. Cooper

Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities, 8, 22-39, 2020

A Toolbox for the Radial and Angular Marginalization of Bivariate Normal Distributions.



E.A. Cooper and H. Farid, 2020


Assessing Neural Network Scene Classification from Degraded Images.


T. Tadros, N. Cullen, M. Greene and E.A. Cooper

ACM Transactions on Applied Perception, 16(4):21, 2019

An Augmented Reality Sign-reading Assistant for Users with Reduced Vision.


J. Huang, M. Kinateder, M.J. Dunn, W. Jarosz, X. Yang and E.A. Cooper

PLOS One, 14(1):e0210630, 2019


Plasticity and Adaptation in Adult Binocular Vision.

**Review Article**

Z. Başgöze, A.P. Mackey and E.A. Cooper

Current Biology, 28(24), R1406-R1413, 2018

Using an Augmented Reality Device as a Distance-Based Vision Aid – Promise and Limitations.


M. Kinateder, J. Gualtieri, M.J. Dunn, W. Jarosz, X. Yang and E.A. Cooper

Optometry & Vision Science, 95(9), 727-737, 2018

Systematic Misperceptions of 3D Motion Explained by Bayesian Inference.


B. Rokers, J.M. Fulvio, J. Pillow and E.A Cooper

Journal of Vision, 18(3):23, 2018

Perceived Facial Distortions in Selfies are Explained by Viewing Habits.

**Commentary on Ward et al**

E.A. Cooper and M.S. Banks

JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, 20(5), 431, 2018


Accommodation-invariant Computational Near-eye Displays.

R. Konrad, N. Padmanaban, K. Molner, E.A. Cooper and G. Wetzstein

ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Conference Proceedings), 36(4):88, 2017

Optimizing Virtual Reality for All Users through Gaze-contingent and Adaptive Focus Displays.


N. Padmanaban, R. Konrad, T. Stramer, E.A. Cooper and G. Wetzstein

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(9), 2183-2188, 2017


Sensitivity and Bias in the Discrimination of 2D and 3D Motion Direction.


E.A. Cooper, M. van Ginkel, and B. Rokers

Journal of Vision, 16(10):5, 2016

The Natural Statistics of Blur.

W.W. Sprague, E.A. Cooper, S. Reissier, B. Yellapragada, and M.S. Banks

Journal of Vision, 16(10):23, 2016

Sensory and Cognitive Plasticity: Implications for Academic Interventions. **Review Article**

E.A. Cooper and A.P. Mackey

Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 10, 21-27, 2016

A Normalized Contrast-encoding Model Exhibits Bright/dark Asymmetries Similar to Early Visual Neurons.


E.A. Cooper

Physiological Reports, 4(7), e12746, 2016

Novel Optical Configurations for Virtual Reality: Evaluating User Preference and Performance with Focus-tunable and Monovision Near-eye Displays.


R. Konrad, E.A. Cooper, and G. Wetzstein

Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2016

Gender Representation in the Vision Sciences: A Longitudinal Study.

E.A. Cooper and A. Radonjić

Journal of Vision, 16(1):17, 2016

Does the Sun Revolve Around the Earth? A Comparison between the General Public and On-line Survey Respondents in Basic Scientific Knowledge.


E.A. Cooper and H. Farid

Public Understanding of Science, 25(2), 146-153, 2016


Stereopsis is Adaptive for the Natural Environment.

W.W. Sprague*, E.A. Cooper*, I. Tosic, and M.S. Banks *Author order determined by coin toss

Science Advances, 1(4), e1400254, 2015

Predicting Cortical Dark/Bright Asymmetries from Natural Scene Statistics and Early Visual Transforms.


E.A Cooper and A.M. Norcia

PLOS Computational Biology, 11(5), e1004268, 2015

Simulating the Visual Experience of Very Bright and Very Dark Scenes.

D.E. Jacobs, O. Gallo, E.A. Cooper, K. Pulli, and M. Levoy

ACM Transactions on Graphics, 34(3):25, 2015


Perceived Depth in Natural Images Reflects Encoding of Low-level Luminance Statistics.


E.A. Cooper and A.M. Norcia

Journal of Neuroscience, 34(35), 11761-8, 2014

Camera Focal Length and the Perception of Pictures.

M.S. Banks, E.A. Cooper, and E.A. Piazza

Ecological Psychology, 26(1-2), 30-46, 2014


Assessment of OLED Displays for Vision Research.


E.A. Cooper, H. Jiang, V. Vildavski, J.E. Farrell, and A.M. Norcia

Journal of Vision, 13(12):16, 2013

Perception of Perspective Distortions in Image-Based Rendering.

P. Vangorp, C. Richardt, E.A. Cooper, G. Chaurasia, M.S. Banks, and G. Drettakis

ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Conference Proceedings), 32(4):58, 2013


The Perceptual Basis of Common Photographic Practice.

E.A. Cooper, E.A. Piazza, and M.S. Banks

Journal of Vision, 12(5):8, 2012

Blur and Disparity are Complementary Cues to Depth.

R.T. Held, E.A. Cooper, and M.S. Banks

Current Biology, 22(5), 426-431, 2012

The Vertical Horopter is not Adaptable, but It may be Adaptive.

E.A. Cooper, J. Burge, and M.S. Banks

Journal of Vision, 11(3):20, 2011

Interpretation-Mediated Changes in Neural Activity During Language Comprehension.

E.A. Cooper, U. Hasson, and S.L. Small

NeuroImage, 55(3), 1314-1323, 2011

Using Blur to Affect Perceived Distance and Size.

R.T. Held, E.A. Cooper, J. O'Brien, and M.S. Banks

ACM Transactions on Graphics, 29(2), 19, 2010